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Book Cover
The Corner Queen

In 1950 The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party organized a series of uprisings that took place in various Puerto Rican cities on October 30th. The uprisings were suppressed by strong ground and air military force. For most Americans, these events are unknown. For most Puerto Ricans, they are but another blood stain on our path to nationhood. ‘The Corner Queen -- La Loca de la Esquina: A Romance and a Revolution’ narrates the events preceding the revolt -- from March to November of 1950 -- from the point of view of a drag queen who innocently gets involved with Julio, a student revolutionary.

“Una mezcla de historia, humor y sátira. No se puede soltar...... El trasfondo histórico tiene un valor incalculable y la capacidad de comprender la realidad de la persona ‘gay’ en una sociedad homofóbica es maravillosa.” Dra. Gloria Mock. Sexóloga. Autora de “Sexualidad: Sus Conceptos Basicos”

“Loved the storyline. Dr. Mock is excellent at creating believable characters, characters I care about, and he does a beautiful job building suspense. I really knew nothing about Puerto Rican history, so I think the historical context is fascinating. And I love the way he interweaved the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca with the narrative. He has a very engaging style. It reminded me of Gabriel García-Márquez -- there’s a lot of humor packed into his descriptions. I think the book would make a wonderful film -- I imagine Pedro Almodovar as director. Dr Mock writes cinematically and vividly.” Dr. Ross Slotten, MD. Author of “The Heretic in Darwin’s Court; The Life of Alfred Russell Wallace”

“The soul of Puerto Rico, and that of yearning lovers everywhere, beats in the heart of the Corner Queen, a character for the ages, drawn in full cinematic detail, portraying the injustice of cultures and people trapped outside the laws of convention, striving only in the end for freedom and love.”Carmen Marti, the Apple Blossom Project